Our committee members

The committee


Graeme Howard - Advanced Diver & Advanced Instructor



Contact - chairman@waldendiver.net

Diving Officer & Lifetime Honorary Consultant Equipment Officer

Ian Webber - Advanced Diver



Contact - do@waldendiver.net


Karen Sheldon - Dive Leader



Contact - treasurer@waldendiver.net

Secretary and Web Officer

James Wright - Sports Diver


Contact - webofficer@waldendiver.net

Equipment Officer

Lee Metters - Dive Leader & Assistant Instructor



Contact - equipment@waldendiver.net

Training Officr

Keith McGregor - Sports Diver



Contact - training@waldendiver.net

Membership Secretary

Mark Bushell - Dive Leader & Open Water Instructor



Contact - membership@waldendiver.net

Social Secretary

Nadine Michaelides



Contact - social@waldendiver.net

How to join

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