Below are some of the skill development courses that club members can run. The BSAC website has a more complete list of courses and when they are running.

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Administration of oxygen as a means on increasing the effectiveness of First Aid treatment of diving accidents





Theory is combined with practical experience of use of the compressor. If you would like to be able to fill your own cylinders and assist club activities this is a suitable course for you.



Practical Rescue


Theory and open water sessions concentrate on the management of a variety of different scenarios, including removing casualty to a point of safety, first aid priorities, summoning emergency services and evacuating casualty.



Mixed Gas Blender / Nitrox Gas Blender

Provides training in mixing Nitrox (or also helium mixes too). Both courses covers theory, complimented by practice to test skills learned in aspects of mixing gas



Buoyancy and

Trim Wkshp

This workshop aims to build on your existing skills by equipping you with the correct buoyancy and trim techniques needed to get the most out of your diving


Accelerated Deco Longer, safer bottom times and optimum decompression using rich mixes  


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